Roland Sands Design Gives The Star Treatment!


Roland Sands Design has teamed up with Bell Powersports for a great promotional contest open to the general public. It’s hard for me to remember the last time two outstanding companies in the motorcycle industry teamed up to do something like this for their consumer base. Below is a short Q&A with Roland with info on how you can get the Star Treatment!

Please tell our readers (the ones who are not familiar) about your background and the development of RSD?

I was born into a motorcycling family and have been on and around two wheels since I can remember. I started riding at 5 and Road Racing at 19. I won an AMA 250GP Championship in 1998. I started building bikes when I was a kid working on dirt bikes. Built my first custom when I was 16, a sportster. I retired from racing in 2002 and went full bore into bike building and product design. Started RSD in 2005 and been hard at it since.


How did you develop the passion for designing motorcycles?

I always sketched and doodled race cars and bikes growing up. I never really stopped doing that, even when I was in college very briefly, it seemed every art project turned into something with wheels and a motor. It’s just part of me I guess.

Tell us about the Bell Star Treatment promotion and how you got involved?

I’ve been running Bell helmets since I was a kid and I’ve trusted Bell helmets for a long time. They were the helmets I ran while I was racing and they are the helmets I run now. We’ve been talking about doing a custom bike for a long time, so doing one with a Bell customer makes it that much cooler. I really have no idea what bike we are going to get, I’m hoping it’s something older. We build so much new stuff these days. I really want something with a carburetor. I hate wires.

What are the future plans for RSD?

Keep on keeping on. Our Apparel line is growing steadily and were making products I’m proud of, so I see it continuing  to grow. I really approach the whole thing like I’m just making stuff for myself weather it’s for a bike or for a body. I like high quality products that work and continue to work while looking good. It seems most people appreciate the same things.


You BELL STAR TREATMENT contest by visiting the Bell Powersports Facebook page or Bell Powersports website ( The contest entry period ends on August 31, 2012 with the winners being announced shortly thereafter.


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