Lori Lee

Tweet We met Lori Lee hanging out with Leah G. She was very sexy and didn’t carry herself like as if she knew it. Which made her even more sexier. Lori was responsible for the styling/clothing of a few of our models back in the day. Eventually she got tired of Los Angeles and moved […]

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Jasmine St. Claire

Tweet Jasmine St. Claire is a former adult star, professional wrestler and now TV host. You can check her out at her website http://metalsdarkside.com. We had her model for us for the God Forbid photo shoot. I see her around town from time to time, usually on the sunset strip or at a metal concert. […]

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Tweet I met Leilani when a mutual friend brought her by my house. She was like nineteen and ready to set the world on fire. These photos were taken up at a party pad in Bel Air. It was a very bizarre evening that involved an insane model/make up artist who was a pathological liar, […]

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RJC Of The Dance Hall Pimps!

Tweet The Dance Hall Pimps are a Los Angeles based band, that has their own unique sound. I got to hang with their lead singer and main songwriter RJC for a grip of minutes and discussed the upcoming album and all things Dance Hall Pimps. Go to the CHTV player now and watch the two […]

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Tweet The Great Depression Couldn’t Stop the Ford Model A From Being a Hit With 4.5 Million Model A’s Sold between 1927-1931. Look What Happens When a Pasadena Builder Goes to Work: It’s Miller Time! Back in ChopperHead, Issue 5, we featured Scott Miller and his Sloppy Seconds car. Since we thought it a perfect […]

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Tweet Real American Music Ain’t Dead, That’s the Funeral Pyre of the Record Industry Monopoly Burning Out of Control, While Alvarado, The Best New Band You Haven’t Heard of Yet, Well, They’re Just Waiting for the Smoke to Clear. Alvarado is a new band that came together as bands often do these days. A group […]

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The Great Zulu Tattoo

Tweet Roni Zulu has been in the tattoo game for a grip of years now. He originally hails from the Siesta Key Island of Florida. He came to Los Angeles in the early 80’s as a musician in a Rock n Roll band. After years as a touring and studio musician, Zulu worked in graphics […]

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Buck Wild Designs

Tweet If you think you recognize Buck, chances are you do. If you have seen MTV’s “Pimp my Ride” the show where they take peoples shit cars and turn them into  total over the top mini hotel suites – yoiiu would knwo he is the man behind the madness of all the custom paint jobs […]

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