Roland Sands Design Gives The Star Treatment!

Tweet Roland Sands Design has teamed up with Bell Powersports for a great promotional contest open to the general public. It’s hard for me to remember the last time two outstanding companies in the motorcycle industry teamed up to do something like this for their consumer base. Below is a short Q&A with Roland with […]

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Tweet The Great Depression Couldn’t Stop the Ford Model A From Being a Hit With 4.5 Million Model A’s Sold between 1927-1931. Look What Happens When a Pasadena Builder Goes to Work: It’s Miller Time! Back in ChopperHead, Issue 5, we featured Scott Miller and his Sloppy Seconds car. Since we thought it a perfect […]

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SuperCo Customs

Tweet I was cruising around downtown Los Angeles a few weeks ago with Matt Klekner, our ChopperHead media man, when he suggested we stop by this custom bike shop on the corner of Alameda and 3rd(SupoerCo Customs). I was not familiar with the shop, but I hada an intuitive feeling  that I wold know somebody […]

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Dean Bryant’s Elegant Customs

Tweet I met Dean ‘Pops” Bryant a couple years ago at the Beverly Hills car show. He caught me admiring one of his custom cars and struck up a conversation with me. He then grabbed my arm and little did I know at the time that I was going to be spending the rest of […]

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LA’s Motor City Revisited

Tweet JORN AND TAMMIES LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN When a Scandinavian Biker hooks up with the California Chopper Mama of his dreams and together create their own world, they call it Motor City. Their dream come true becomes a microcosm of all things motorcycle, tucked neatly into the rugged and ramshackle area that will never […]

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The Michael Barragan & Glasses Malone Mash Up!

Tweet “You know what makes it all come together? You know what makes it happen? Let it go. It all fits when you let it go,” said Khalil Kain in his interview for this issue and it more than sums up the Zen monk attitude ChopperHead adopted to better navigate the choppy waters that occur […]

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Michael Barragan Evil Spirit Part One!

Tweet The quiet storm that seems to be brewing behind the intense look and penetrating stare of  Evil Spirit Engineering’s founder Michael Barragan made him a natural choice for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off series and a wealth of feature articles in bike magazines. And when you see the fiercely powerful chops he’s been busting […]

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