The Eagles Have Landed!!!

Tweet So I sat down and watched the made for Showtime documentary on the Eagles. The Eagles have been a part of popular culture for over 40 years now and this was a true documentary starting with the history of the two main Eagles Glen Frey and Don Henley. We learn not only of how […]

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The Gunslingers Are Here!!!

Tweet The Gunslingers are a Los Angeles based duo of musicians who like to mix old skool classics with modern day electronica. Anthem (from Southern California) and Vidal (from Lisbon Portugal) met online a few years ago and the rest as they say is history. CHM:In today’s music world an artists name is their brand […]

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Tweet Real American Music Ain’t Dead, That’s the Funeral Pyre of the Record Industry Monopoly Burning Out of Control, While Alvarado, The Best New Band You Haven’t Heard of Yet, Well, They’re Just Waiting for the Smoke to Clear. Alvarado is a new band that came together as bands often do these days. A group […]

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Tweet I was introduced to Billy Cook through the Devin the Dude camp out of Houston. Billy is part of the “So South,” Texas scene also known in part as S.L.A.B. culture. Slow Loud and Bangin’ is what it stands for and the cars they ride are candy colored customized rods like you’ve never seen […]

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Tweet Suffering Is Necessary to Achieve Something and for A Band Called Pain It’s Gonna’ Hurt… All the Way to the Top! I happen to have been introduced to A Band Called Pain by the same chick who hipped me to BloodSugar. She called me on the phone one night and begged me to take […]

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Knives & Gasoline Sounds Great !!!

Tweet I headed down to Playa Vista to interview the group Knives & Gasoline a few days ago. They are a duo that consists of Stacey Dee  and Noel Demello, two life long friends from the bay area. Their new CD is entitled “Love Songs for Crime Scenes” out now on Grimm Image Records. We […]

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The Sex Slaves Are Here!!!!!!!

Tweet Last week I went over to the recording studio of producer extraordinaire Ulrich Wild to interview NYC rockers The Sex Slaves. These brutha’s are a great interview and real fun to hang with. We spent about 30 minutes chilling before I turned into my bad impersonation of a journalist and began our interview. The […]

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Die & Kaoru of Dir En Grey Speak on New Album

Tweet Last September way back in 2010, I had the great pleasure of attending my first Dir En Grey concert. It was a total blast and we at ChopperHead have become big supporters of this band and even had Art “The Armenian” review one of their shows in Tokyo earlier this year. Now fast forward […]

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Sozay Speaks!

Tweet A few weeks ago I was invited to a private showcase in Hollywood during Grammy week. I very rarely get invited to see a new hip hop artist so I was curious to check out Sozay. It was a pleasant surprise and Sozay definitely has his battle plans in place to make some major […]

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ChopperHead Japan is at it again with DIR EN GREY!

Tweet Whats up brothers and sisters! This is once again Art “The Armenian” Bandarian reporting directly to you from Japan! What would you expect from a Heavy Metal concert? Head banging, chicks, beer, mosh pits, stage diving, lighters in the air for slow songs. If you answered yes to all of the above. You are […]

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