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Bernadette Featured in AOI & Ink Nymphs Los Angeles books IG: Photography: Nelson Blanton

Brady & Caroline of Ramming Speed

Brady & Caroline of Ramming Speed

Brady Walker is a man who loves his two wheel motor vehicles and Caroline his partner in all things fun does as well. This interview is back when it all got started. Find out more about what'new with them.

Tanjareen Interview

Tanjareen Interview

The beautiful Tanjareen is an actress, producer, host and comedian based in the Los Angeles area. She dropped by the clubhouse to help us get things rolling back in the day. You can find out all things Tanjareen at

Shows Produced by AOI Network

The AOI Networks primary focus is to provide Big Fun to people who have an interest in the HeadKulture lifestyle. This is done by the production of original film content and below is a list of the show we have created in the past and present.

Big Tim’s ChopperHead Clubhouse

Talk Show and Southern California travel show hosted by the founder of AOI &ChopperHead Magazine.

Totally Rude

Situation Scripted Reality show based around a working hip hop group.
(Show has concluded production)

Zana Messia Let’s Make Music

Join Los Angeles and Stockholm Sweden based artist Zana Mesia as she sits down and talks to other creatives about their craft while they create music right in front of our eyes.

We Ain’t Dead Yet!!!

60 minute Documentary of the Original HeadKulture Documentary
(Currently in production)


Personality driven show featuring Japanese C10 truck enthusiast Saki
(Currently in pre-production)

Don’t Eat Shit

See this section on website for more info