Big Tim Brand

In 2004 Big Tim decided to combine his love for all things automotive and fine art with the creation of ChopperHead Magazine which featured bikers, hot rodders, rockers, rappers, tattoo artists and beautiful women promoting a lifestyle only defined by the individual who makes no apologies to anyone for their personal choices.

This lead Big Tim to his current venture with the creation of the Big Tim Brand. This Brand provides a comfortable casual style for men and women that is always continually developing. This style can be seen in the ChopperHead America coffee table books and right here on this site, where the men and women who exemplify this style are featured. Its not about our clothing or accessories its more about that persons energy makes our clothing and accessories look because they are already 100% real .

 “The Big Tim Brand Don’t make you look Cool, You were Already Dope Muthafucka before you put our Shit On!!!”

The Big Tim Brand is global and has a strong relationship to Japan, where the Big Tim Brand was officially launched in 2018. This Brand will grow into other global markets as we introduce our Headkulture around the world through our books and video content.

Get Down, Get Up, & Get It On Muthafucka’s!!!

The Big Tim Brand has a simple motto, we follow with everything we do.



Builder: Pascal Business: Hollywood Riff Raff Specialty: Leather Location: Moorpark, California IG: @hollywoodriffraff Photo: @libertinephoto Video: @phi_poet