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Posted On May 6, 2020

He’s a talk radio host, skateboarder and MMA fighter who wants everyone to harden the fuck up!

Jason Ellis & Lemmy on SiriusSix days a week from 12pm – 4pm pacific time, you can turn on Sirius Radio Channel 28 and hear the Jason Ellis radio show. ChopperHead Magazine joined Jason with Lemmy on air last fall. We had a blast and interviewed Jason afterwards.

Jason Ellis is our first feature on a radio show host, as well as a professional skateboarder. He came to the US at the tender age of seventeen, because he wanted to “get with the big boys” he says. He then returned to his native Australia after a short time here in the states and became Australia’s number one skateboarder for four straight years. He then turned pro for fifteen years, did the pro circuit, and was ranked in the top three – four times in an eight year stretch. Jason makes no bones about the fact that when Tony Hawk offered him a co-hosting gig on his Sirius radio show, he was ready. “I knew my skills as a skateboarder were starting to decline and I thought I would try my hand at a real job for the first time in my life”.

Jason truly has that gift for gab and parlayed his shot as co-host into his own talk show on the Faction Channel 28. He describes his show as being “very subjective and always from my viewpoint”. The listening audience for the Jason Ellis show is primarily the action sports crowd, and he was quick to make note of the fact that helping members of his audience sort through some of their personal issues is something he feels is a very important aspect to his show. His recurring mantra to his audience is “I want men to Harden the Fuck Up”. When it comes to the angry girls who listen to his show, Jason often encourages women who are having problems in their relationships with men to take a “load of love” on their face and see if they don’t get better results with their companions. A new passion that has entered Jason’s life of late is mixed martial arts (MMA) training. His friend, Kit Cope, brought him into MMA when he quit booze and Jason says he instantly liked the health benefits the training gave him. He currently trains out of Fortune’s Gym in Hollywood with Ryan Parsons, Mayhem Miller and King Mo. By the time this interview hits the streets Jason will have already had his first professional MMA fight.

What’s next for this man of many hats? He has an album coming out this year with what he calls his Heavy Comedy Rock band called Taint Stick, and he says if you take his band serious, you have deep personal issues that he can’t help you with. Of course, you can catch him on his radio show every day on Sirius where he will continue to speak his mind.

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